Code of Conduct

Visitor Code of Conduct
To ensure orderly operations and provide the best possible safe and respectful environment, Southeastern expects all visitors to Southeastern’s premises and programs to follow this code of conduct. Violations of this Code may result in visitors being asked to leave, being barred from the premises, and charges of trespass.
Visitors, including but not limited to invitees and guests of employees, are expected to:
• Abide by any operationally-related request of any Southeastern employee;
• Conduct oneself in accord with Southeastern policies;
• Refrain from any verbal or physical abuse of others on the premises;
• Cause no damage to Southeastern property, or if damage is cause, to promptly notify Southeastern as to same;
• Notify an employee if you observe any hazardous or dangerous condition;
• Notify a Southeastern employee immediately if injured while on Southeastern’s property;
• Not leave any engine idling for more than 120 seconds while on Southeastern’s property;
• Not smoke or use any type of e-cigarette while on the premises;
• Follow all applicable laws;
• Respect the civil rights of others.