Digitization Service & Hudson River Valley Heritage


Hudson River Valley Heritage (HRVH) is the name of a suite of services offered by Southeastern to help member organizations provide greater access to their historical, archival and special collections. It’s also the name of a website where we bring together the results of our collaborative work. Visit hrvh.org.

Southeastern provides software, hardware, web hosting, documentation, training, consultation and support to help organizations contribute content to the following websites:

New York Heritage. A statewide digital repository of historical documents, images, maps, oral histories and more contributed by hundreds of organizations around the state. New York Heritage is a collaborative project of the Empire State Library Network, of which Southeastern is a member.

HRVH Historical Newspapers. A regional, freely accessible and searchable historical newspaper portal with contributions from Southeastern members.

HRVH Virtual Exhibits. A regional portal of online exhibits created by our members to share stories about the people, places and events documented in their collections.

We’re here to help you every step of the way! Have questions about how it works? Please contact Jen Palmentiero, Digital Services Manager at Southeastern (jennifer@senylrc.org OR 845-883-9065 x116).


Membership Requirements and Dues/Fees

Membership in Southeastern is required to participate in HRVH. Organizations may join in one of these three categories:

There is a one‐time start‐up fee of $500 for all members.

In addition to annual dues, there is an annual service and hosting fee based on the number of files we are hosting:

1‐250 Files:     $50/year
251‐1000:        $150/year
1001‐5000:      $250/year
5001‐10000:    $350/year
10001+:          $450/year

Learn more about Southeastern membership criteria, dues and fees.

Membership dues and fees must be paid annually to participate in the HRVH service. If an organization decides to drop membership, Southeastern will continue to host the content for the annual service/hosting fee.

Related Services:

Digital Dark Archive: Southeastern's Digital Dark Archive (DDA) service provides a low-cost, secure, and geographically distributed storage solution for the long-term preservation of Southeastern members’ locally created digital resources. Learn more about the Digital Dark Archive.

Empire Archival Discovery Cooperative (EmpireADC): EmpireADC is an online, searchable repository of archival finding aids (collection descriptions) developed to connect researchers to the resources they need and the organizations that have them. EmpireADC is a service of Empire State Library Network (ESLN), of which Southeastern is a member. Southeastern is the support team for organizations in our service area, but membership in Southeastern is not required to participate. EmpireADC has its own application and fee structure. Learn more about Empire Archival Discovery Cooperative.

Empire State Immersive Experiences (ESIE): ESIE is a platform for hosting 360º images and panorama tours. ESIE is administered by Western NY Library Resources Council (WNYLRC). We provide metadata support for Southeastern members who wish to contribute content to ESIE. Learn more about ESIE.