Gain a competitive edge in the job market with this professional development resource: Technology Training for Non-Techies and Communications Skills Expertise.

Non-Techies Gain Greater Positions and Higher Pay With Technology and Communications Training

Tech-Talk is a premier collection of articles and videos written each week by top training experts for busy professionals and aspiring students. It helps people stay up-to-date in using technology and become better communicators in the workplace. Southeastern NY Library Resources Council members can benefit from this service in two ways. By signing up for our newsletter list, you will receive a weekly email with tips that cover a large number of subjects - from Microsoft Office to Google - and everything in between, all designed to help busy professionals and students increase their effectiveness in the workforce.

Members can also go to The Tech-Talk website to access a database of articles and videos. For access, members can email Moshe Siegel, - to request the login credentials.