Southeastern NY Library Resources Council provides members with resources and services that benefit both institutions and individuals.

We have created recordings explaining each of our services in detail. View those recordings here.

Professional Development
Southeastern offers a variety of professional development programs, workshops, trainings and conferences. Programs are announced on the Upcoming Events  page. If you would like to keep up with our professional development events by email, please subscribe to our mailing list.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Southeastern sponsors Special Interest Groups (SIGs) where members can join with others in the library community to exchange ideas and keep themselves informed about their professional specialties. Visit the Upcoming Events page to register for SIGs meetings.

Resource Sharing
Southeastern supports several resource sharing services for member libraries and their patrons. We will place loan requests in OCLC on behalf of members that do not participate in the OCLC interlibrary loan system. We also place requests on behalf of members for health and medical books and articles, which is subsidized by the Medical Information Services Program (MISP)  We provide a virtual union catalog, called Southeastern Access to Libraries (SEAL) that includes catalogs from several hundred public, school, college, special and hospital libraries. SEAL also incorporates a web-based interlibrary loan management system.

Special Library Catalog
The Southeastern Special Library Catalog is a union catalog of records for print and electronic books, as well as print and electronic subscription journals from medical and special libraries.

Digitization Service & Hudson River Valley Heritage
Southeastern coordinates the Hudson River Valley Heritage (HRVH) service, which provides online access to digitized historical items housed in libraries and cultural heritage organizations throughout the region. Digitization services include hosting of digital collections and online exhibits, training on digitization, in depth consultations, a digital lab at Southeastern, Finding Aids, and equipment loans. To learn more about the service, please visit the HRVH website.

Digital Dark Archive
Southeastern's Digital Dark Archive (DDA) service provides a low-cost, secure, and geographically distributed storage solution for the long-term preservation of Southeastern members’ locally created digital resources.Southeastern is committed to helping member organizations preserve important digital content for the future

Coordinated Collection Development Aid Program
The purpose of the Coordinated Collection Development Aid (CCDA) Program is to enhance academic library collections thereby strengthening regional collections that are available via resource sharing. The CCDA program provides annual grants to academic libraries at public and not-for-profit colleges, universities, and community colleges.

Hospital Library Services Program
Southeastern provides an extensive collection of electronic resources and services to member hospital libraries and their health care professionals. Hospital library websites provide a gateway for health care professionals to access medical information.

Medical Information Services Program
Southeastern provides member libraries and their patrons with consumer health articles at no cost through the Medical Information Services Program (MISP).  Information must be related to patient care, consumer health, medical research, or the education of health practitioners.

Ask the Lawyer!
Through the services of an attorney, Southeastern offers members timely input on intellectual property, digital rights management, vendor contracts, and other legal issues that can impact library operations. Questions sent to Ask the Lawyer will be reviewed by Southeastern staff, and sent to counsel for responses.
Southeastern members have access to Tech-Talk, a service designed to help individuals use computers at work. Tech-Talk provides answers to general questions and includes tips and tricks for using common software. Southeastern provides a weekly Tech-talk newsletter to members.

Library staff and supporters are essential advocates for communicating the value of libraries. The message, “Libraries are Education,” can be shared with stakeholders and elected officials and local communities for any type of library, whether academic, special, hospital, public, or school.